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Our mission is to provide customized research and people analytics that help organizations continuously improve.

Spring International was founded in 1992 by Dr. Robert Berrier. Prior to founding Spring, Dr. Berrier served as a presidential political pollster, and through this experience learned how to measure people’s values and attitudes, and as importantly, how to link these perspectives to programs and messages to drive specific desirable behaviors. Dr. Berrier used these techniques to help companies better understand the drivers of employee behavior. He spent the following decade working with primarily Fortune 1000 firms to improve culture, transition mergers and acquisitions and foster more positive labor relations.

Dr. Fiona Jamison, current CEO, joined Spring in 2004 and brought a depth of experience with human resources strategy. Dr. Jamison’s experience enabled the company to add employee engagement, leadership and HR program effectiveness to its solutions by bringing an increased emphasis on improving performance to a growing international client base.

Today, the Spring team continues to build on its core expertise of understanding human behavior and linking employee attitudes to key business performance metrics. Spring’s People Value Linkage™ is increasingly used to measure the financial return on people programs.