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Spring is happy to announce our newest partnerships in 2017: Develap Me and Reputation Partners.

Develap Me is an app that drives performance by capturing thousands of behavioral interactions as they happen in the workplace, organizing them by competency to drive individual, team and organizational performance.


Reputation Partners is a trusted public relations consultants who earns clients’ trust by providing effective counsel, delivering the highest quality work and generating meaningful results.


Thank you to all of our partners and affiliations: 

  • CUE Inc. An organization for positive employee relations
  • Data Med Solutions
  • Develap Me
  • Fox Business School
  • Human Capital Analytics Forum
  • Human Capital Institute
  • Katana Partners
  • Labor Relations Institute
  • Labor Vision Forum
  • Philadelphia Society for People and Strategy
  • Reputation Partners
  • UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business
  • Wharton Council on Employee Relations
  • Wharton RAG