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Every organization is in a different stage of development. Some are just starting to get a handle on their data, while others are at the cutting edge of predictive analytics. Spring’s strategic approach to advanced analytics is one of its key differentiators and can take organizations from reactive data dumping to advanced predictive analytics. The analytics journey can start anywhere from assessing your current data streams and reanalyzing data, to enhancing HR information systems, to identifying key drivers of engagement or intent to leave, to tying employee engagement data with operational and financial metrics. Regardless of where your organization begins its analytics journey, our team takes an in-depth approach to understanding employee attitudes and the context in which they exist in order to predict behaviors and outcomes. Frequently, Spring’s advanced analyses are used by clients to approach strategic decision making, program development, scenario planning, and communications efforts in new ways to maximize the return on investment. To learn more about our model for building people analytics capabilities click here.


Employee Experience & Engagement Research

Spring specializes in building custom engagement programs for its clients, whether you need customized survey questions or standard questions for benchmarking, census or pulse methodology, qualitative or quantitative data collection, or online versus paper surveys; Spring builds a program that reflects the nature of the business, strategy, environment and culture in which your organization operates. Our approach to engagement is based on the belief that it is an integral component of business performance.  The word “engagement” asks the question, “Engaged at doing what?”  The answer has to be that engagement helps the company achieve its business goals, while providing an environment in which employees are able to attain their personal goals.

To assess the day-to-day work environment, Spring can build in a positive employee relations component to its engagement programs. This component focuses on key values such as security, fairness, trust and voice to understand the motivations of different groups of employees. By understanding group motivation, which influences behaviors, Spring helps you identify vulnerabilities and prioritize the risks that stand in the way of creating positive employee relations.

As part of the Engagement program, or as stand-alone research, Spring also provides solutions for leadership measurement and effectiveness, culture alignment, and employee life cycle research to create a comprehensive people analytics portfolio for your business needs. To learn more about our Employee Research Solutions, please download our employee brochure here.

Association Research

Using advanced research and analytics, Spring offers a comprehensive approach to building value within your association – from ensuring clarity of mission, leadership focus and strategic alignment to member needs analysis, problem solving and membership growth and retention. To learn more about our Association Research Solutions, please download our association brochure here.

Customer Research

Spring is well positioned to provide your organization with insights on the three most important players impacting your bottom line: your employees, your stakeholders and your customers. Not only do we provide deeper insights to these three key players, but we help you better leverage the interaction between them. Spring’s Customer Research solutions help you succeed in the market by identifying new opportunities and unmet market needs, providing brand tracking and customer loyalty insights, and helping you better understand customer satisfaction and the return on engagement. Our Customer Research solutions cover the following areas:

  • Market Structure (segmentation, market sizing, etc.)
  • Brand Health (positioning, tracking, etc.)
  • Product Development (concept testing, pricing, etc.)
  • Customer Experience (path-to-purchase, shopping experience, etc.)
  • Customer-Employee Interaction (service development, data linkage, etc.)



Spring offers its clients full-service research from quantitative to qualitative solutions. Our qualitative solutions can be used as stand-alone research, to inform quantitative design, or to support and dig deeper into the ‘why’ of quantitative data and insights from a first phase of research. Spring provides qualitative solutions including:

  • in-person interviews
  • focus groups (in-person and online)
  • online bulletin boards and blogs
  • telephone interviews
  • intercept surveys

We can provide multiple data collection methods based on what best fits your target audience. Our team consists of highly trained interviewers and moderators who truly understand the project at hand and do not simply follow a script, but probe to find key issues and root causes to turn data into insights, and insights into action.


Spring’s effectiveness goes beyond data analysis by delivering best practice advice and strategic consulting to create meaningful and impactful change for its clients. Our consultants are thought leaders, researchers, HR/labor experts, and statisticians who have cross-industry experience in delivering custom solutions from executive alignment and buy-in, to the development of an analytical roadmap, to strategy implementation. Our consultants help you progress from your current state to your desired future state and deliver solutions at every stage in between.

Our consultants are active members of both people strategy and human capital analytics organizations and attend leading industry events and forums in order to share with you current trends, new insights, and best practice solutions to key challenges. As a result, Spring brings your team the most up to date knowledge and insights to optimize your performance.


Spring provides support and training for all of your workforce decisions- from extra support, to action planning, to strategic consulting. Our team provides you with the knowledge and know-how to ensure you are able to act on the insights we uncover. Through Spring’s Engagement 101 Program we train managers and leaders on understanding engagement, the levers to pull, and the relationship to business priorities. In addition, our Extra Support Program provides resources and training for high-risk locations, as identified in our Positive Employee Relations analysis. Our training programs can be conducted online or onsite and can take the “train the trainer” approach to allow you to roll out training more cost-effectively on your own.

Our ongoing support and consulting is often used by clients to support their strategic initiatives and to help build their Human Capital Analytics strategy. Spring understands the specific workforce issues faced by companies in your industry and can help you position your organization to make better people decisions. Spring can also partner with you to help build your own people analytics capabilities to create a sustainable, in-house focus on insights that drive performance. Our customized training and support programs are added tools that ultimately help you improve operational and financial results.


Similar to its program design and consulting, Spring’s reporting is customized to meet your team’s needs and the needs of the business. From secure online reporting with custom user access, to individualized one-click reports, to offline executive presentations with strategic recommendations, Spring’s reports provide the right information to the right audience. Our goal in reporting is to provide you with insights that are supported by data and that lead to meaningful action in order to reduce risks and improve business performance.

While both quantitative and qualitative data can be explored in detail on Spring’s online reporting site, Spring extracts the key findings and roots causes of disengagement or poor performance and builds these into a robust action planning module. Spring’s action planning module allows employees and managers to establish accountability, track progress, and manage change, which leads to greater employee involvement and a greater impact on the organization. In this way, organizations can move the needle on areas that are important to employees and to engagement, ultimately impacting the bottom line.  For a demo of our online reporting tool, please contact info@springitl.com.

For your executives, Spring summarizes your complex data into a brief presentation with actionable strategies and shares best practices from across industries.  There are no more massive data reports to comb through to find insights; we take the guesswork out of your decision-making.