We can provide employee surveys, people data and insights at every stage of the employee lifecycle



Are you attracting the right talent?

How we can help

Applicant Metrics

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Assessments

Declining Applicant Interviews

Employee Value Proposition Assessments

Onboarding/New Hire Assessments


Are your employees truly engaged?

How we can help

Engagement Surveys

Pulse Surveys

Leadership 360s

Culture & Diversity Assessments

Focus Groups (in-person and online)

M&A People Assessments

Text & Sentiment Analysis


Are you retaining the right talent?

How we can help

Stay Interviews

Exit Interviews / Surveys

Predictive Turnover Analysis


Are your people investments improving business performance?

How we can help

Advanced Analytics

KPI / Dashboard Creation

Data Blueprinting

Human Capital Analytics Strategy Development

People Value Linkage

People Analytics Training


Are you interested in getting feedback from your customers, members, or stakeholders?

How we can help

Focus Groups

Custom Experience Surveys

Membership Surveys

Intercept Surveys

Message Testing

Communications Audits

Mixed Methodology Research Designs


Spring provides on-site and off-site consulting, training, and project management to deliver these services.

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