July, 2020
People Data

What Data Matters to HR Now? 8 Metrics You May Not Be Tracking

From the desk of Jennifer Glaeser Beck, VP of Research & Consulting As parts of the country are reopening, HR leaders are beginning to reflect on […]
July, 2020

Pulse Surveys in the New Working Environment

From the desk of Megan Walker – Senior Director How we give employees a voice today needs to evolve, become more agile and evoke meaningful action. […]
June, 2020

It’s Time To Take The Pulse of Your Employees

From the desk of Megan Walker – Senior Director Listening to employees is an ongoing process. The need to seek employee opinion often occurs more often […]
June, 2020

Measuring Engagement Isn’t Enough. Inclusion Shows You Mean It.

CEO Reflections: From the Desk of Dr. Fiona Jamison Businesses across the U.S. and around the world have been facing a long-overdue reckoning: Many have failed […]
June, 2020

Telecommuting is here to stay… now what? How do you know its working?

From the desk of Patti Andes, Chief Operating Officer Your organization has finally embraced telecommuting – but how do you know its working? How do you […]
June, 2020

Whoa! You’re Not Really Going Back to the Office Yet—Or Are You?

CEO Reflections: From the desk of Dr. Fiona Jamison If you’ve never been comfortable with uncertainty, it’s time to make it your friend. Everyone is buzzing […]
May, 2020

When Your Survey Results are Ready, Help Your Managers Shine

From the desk of Ben Klein, Senior Project Director Congratulations! Your employee engagement survey yielded a slew of valuable insights. When your front-line leaders share them […]
May, 2020

Ten Considerations For Retaining Telecommuting

Is telecommuting here to stay?  As organizations begin to develop strategies to reopen physical workplaces, many are wondering if there is value in retaining a permanent […]
May, 2020

Leveraging Employee Voice to Enhance Business Performance in a Crisis

During the best of times, the most effective organizations leverage employee feedback to inform their decision making – during a crisis should be no different. A […]
April, 2020

COVID19 – Employee Experience Influencers – Pt 2

From the desk of Patti Andes, Chief Operating Officer, Part 2 of 2 In the first part of this two-part series, we looked at the organizational-level […]
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