October, 2019

All Aboard: Getting employees engaged with work results in higher profits, productivity

This article was originally published in the October 2019 Issue of “Costco Connection” Magazine. A business owner who has never asked employees for their brutally honest […]
August, 2019

What if my Big Data is Small Data?

In recent weeks, Spring had the opportunity to speak at multiple HR events focusing on how an organization can build their people analytics capabilities. For some, […]
June, 2019

CEO Reflections: Four business (and life) lessons I learned in Shanghai

I’ve spoken about people analytics to audiences in 40 states and 7 countries, but never in Asia. That changed recently when I traveled to Shanghai to […]
March, 2019

Success in People Analytics

Characteristics of Companies Leading The Way in People Analytics We have the honor of working with numerous organizations helping them to advance and implement people analytics. On […]
December, 2018

Re-engaging Your Survivors

Change and uncertainty characterizes today’s employment environment and has done for the last decade or so. Organizations have been faced with an increase in global competition […]
October, 2018

Use the Power of Data and Analytics to Transform Your HR Role

You’re an HR professional, and your company has a turnover problem. How do you tell your team of C-level executives? Here are two options: “I’ve reviewed […]
June, 2018

What to do Before the Horse Bolts

Consider the importance of stay interviews Picture this: an employee who’s given notice has been unhappy for a while—long enough to think about leaving, refresh her […]
April, 2018

The World of People Analytics

In the month of April we had the good fortune of attending two conferences on People Analytics – one in New York and one in London. This […]
March, 2017

CEO Reflections: What I learned from Billie Jean King

This morning I had the privilege to listen to sports icon and social justice pioneer, Billie Jean King, as she spoke to an audience of leaders […]
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